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New Lambton FC is the largest football club in Northern NSW with over 1,500 registered players. We estimate that we are in front of over 9,000 local people, either directly or indirectly, every week. Plus, we end our season with a Presentation Day that draws over 4,000 people to Novocastrian Park on a single day.

The Club supports appropriate relationships with organisations, individuals, business and government agencies in relation to sponsorship arrangements. These arrangements must be consistent with New Lambton FC’s vision and objectives and derive benefits for the well being and development of its members.

​To discuss further please contact NLFC Executive Chairman Clayton Harrison on  0419 617 822 or email clayton@newlambtonfc.com.au

The Club’s Sponsorship Policy for more information.

(All prices are annual subscription) Club Premier team Premier Player Adult Team




7 a Side
Field Naming Rights $10,000         $1500
Platinum Club Sponsor $5,000          
Major Club Sponsor $2,500          
Game Day Program Sponsor $1,500          
Field Sign $1,500          
Front of Jersey   $5,000 per   $1,000 per $900 per  
Back of Jersey – shoulders   $2,500 per $800 per $800 per $800 per  
Back of Jersey – lower back   $2,500 per   $800 per $800 per  
Jersey Sleeve   $2,000 per   $600 per    
Shorts – front   $1,500 per        
Shorts Back   $1,500 per        
All other options To be negotiated