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Coaches and Managers are the shop front of the Club – as a group, we are often judged by the attitudes and actions of our coaches and managers.

To protect the image and culture of our Club, all Coaches and Managers and required to comply with Club Policies and conduct their activities in keeping with the attached New Lambton FC Coach and Manager Guide.

To support your time as a Coach or Manager, the Club has developed Coaching Manuals – based on the FFA Curriculum. These are available on the Club TeamApp site.

The Club will supply Coaches and Managers with information and updates via the following communication mediums.

We request that ALL team coaches and managers download TeamApp (available on Apple and Android) and register as an NLFC coach or manager – click on the TeamApp logo at top of page.

As coaches and managers you are the communication conduit between the Club and the players (incl. families, guardians, etc).  Information will be sent to you for distribution to your teams and we request that this is done so in a timely manner.

If you have not already done so, please organise a TeamApp group or SMS list to be used to communicate to team members and families.