New Lambton FC’s Injury Management process aimed at identifying injuries early, getting players treated by quality providers and the club being assured that players are deemed fit it to return by the treatment provider before returning to training or games.  A structured injury management process is especially important as players are keen to get back on the pitch may not advise the Club or appropriately manage injuries, potentially doing more damage to themselves and also lengthening the period of absence – affecting the team and club in the process.

We are pleased that Grandstand Sports Clinic continues to be our preferred provider (and Major Sponsor) for Physiotherapy treatment and Injury management process support.  New Lambton FC via our Technical Director, Coaches, Program Managers and the players themselves will work closely with Grandstand Sports Clinic to ensure optimal outcomes in injury prevention and management.

On overview of the NLFC Injury Management process is as follows:

Injury Management process:

  • If a player is injured and does NOT return to training or a game they MUST seek medical advice to confirm they are cleared for training and/or game (this can be a Dr/Physio etc.)
  • Physio referral – Grandstand Sports Clinic will contacted on Monday morning each week, being notified on injuries sustained over the weekend.
  • If it is a serious injury and there is an Injury Management Plan (from Grandstand Sports Clinic or treating specialist), the Program Manager, Team Coach and Manager must be made aware and provided a copy of the Plan as soon as received. The Technical Director will be made aware by the Program Manager.
  • If a player does NOT provide a clearance, the club has a duty of care to ensure the player is not injured further due to the current injury. The player will NOT be able to train/play until clearance has been provided.
  • We respect a player may choose to seek advice at treatment providers other than Grandstand Sports Clinic, however the same protocols apply regarding a written clearance and Injury Management Plan if required.
  • Note  – Grandstand Sports Clinic is a major sponsor of the Club and we urge all members to support our sponsors.
  • If an alternate Physio is advised, please take a photo of the form and send to the player/parent (and keep the paper copy within the register)

Any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact the Technical Director, Cas Wright.