It is the policy of NLFC to ensure that all members, staff, volunteers and visitors are protected from environmental tobacco smoke.

This policy applies to all club facilities, functions, meetings and activities undertaken by the club. It is relevant to all members, officials, players, staff, volunteers and visitors.


Our club will ensure that:

Members, staff/volunteers and officials

All members, staff/volunteers and officials will not smoke while involved in an official capacity for the club, both on and off the field.


All functions, meetings and events will be promoted (through invitations and advertising) as smoke-free.

Non-compliance with the policy

All club committee members will enforce the smoke-free policy. Non-compliance will be addressed by committee members and will include an explanation of the policy breach to the person/people concerned. Additional actions will be at the discretion of the club, and serious breaches and ongoing noncompliance will be handled by at least two committee members.

Policy promotion

The club will promote this policy regularly by:

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed annually by the club committee to ensure it remains relevant to club operations, and reflects community expectations and legislation. Updates of this policy will be promoted as outlined above.