This Policy applies to all teams, members and officials of New Lambton FC. Sponsorship activities do not include gifts or donations or fundraising.

Sponsorship Principles

The following Sponsorship Principles for New Lambton FC should be taken into account when assessing potential sponsorship arrangements:

  • The Club supports appropriate relationships with organisations, individuals, business and government agencies in relation to sponsorship arrangements. These arrangements must be consistent with New Lambton FC’s Golden Goals, vision and objectives of the club and derive benefits for the well-being and development of its members. For example:
    • “Respect the age groups we represent e.g. when considering the type of organisations wishing to sponsor junior football” (New Lambton FC Golden Goal #5)
  • Sponsorship activities will be “overseen” by the Board – to ensure one group does not cannibalise or jeopardise the sponsors of the other.
  • Funds generated by sponsorship activities will be distributed in the following manner:
    • Club-wide sponsors – would be split between the Premier and Interdistrict Groups in accordance with “Three Groups – Two Paths – One Vision”.
    • Uniform/Signage sponsors – directly to the target group (Interdistrict or Premier).
    • Special initiative sponsors (e.g. provision of training shirts) – directly to the target group (Interdistrict or Premier).
    • Any other variant be negotiated at Board level.
  • Sponsorship programs and/or activities should contribute, either directly or indirectly, to the quality of participation in the sport.
  • The sponsorship must not compromise the standards and ethics of the club.
  • All sponsorships must be formalised through written agreements that clearly outline the benefits for all parties, the duration of the sponsorship and termination conditions.
  • Sponsorships must not infer or involve the endorsement of products or services by the Club, officials or members.
  • Sponsorships should be reported on in accordance with normal financial reporting procedures.
  • Sponsorships may only be negotiated with reputable organisations whose public image, products and services are consistent with the principles, vision and goals of the Club.
  • No Company logos or Names are to be placed on any item bearing the New Lambton FC name or logo without the prior approval of the Board.  This includes but is not limited to: Jerseys, Shorts, Socks, Tracksuits (tops and bottoms), Training Shirts or bags.
  • Sponsor benefits should be commensurate with the level of sponsorship.
  • Committees considering sponsorship agreements must ensure that the capacity exists to deliver the agreed sponsor benefits.
  • Any goods and/or services which are provided as part of a sponsorship agreement are to be valued at the retail cost of purchase.
  • No official of the Club is to receive a personal benefit from a sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship agreements must not expose the Club to any financial, legal or other risks that are disproportionate to the nature and extent of the sponsorship.

Suitability of Sponsors

Reputable organisations whose public image, products and services are consistent with the Golden Goals, vision and objectives of New Lambton FC.

When examining the appropriateness of an organisation as a sponsor, consideration must be given to:

  • the type of products or services the organisation markets
  • the marketing methods the organisation employs
  • the impact its products and processing have on issues such as the environment
  • its public image as an employer being acceptable to the community
  • the capacity of the sponsor to deliver the agreed benefits.

When assessing the suitability of potential sponsor organisations, consideration must be given to other relevant New Lambton FC policies.

Where doubt exists as to the suitability of an organisation, sponsorship negotiations should not proceed until advice has been received from the Board.

Written Agreements

Sponsorships are formal agreements which must be based on either written contracts or an exchange of letters – depending upon the size of the agreement. 

Sponsorship negotiations must align with the agreed packages established in the NLFC Community Partnership and Sponsorship document.

Written agreement must be reached with the sponsor about the extent and form of acknowledgment which the club can reasonably give in return for sponsorship.

Each sponsorship agreement should be made for a specific period of time.

Termination conditions allowing either party to withdraw from the arrangement must also be included.

The sponsorship agreement should clearly outline the benefits and commitments for all parties.

New Lambton FC Endorsement of Product and Services

Although sponsorship arrangements may offer exposure of the sponsor’s corporate logo or name, they must not involve or infer the endorsement of products or services by the New Lambton Football Club, officials or members.

Acceptance or use of the sponsor’s product or service must not be made a condition for member or spectator participation in the sponsored activities or program.

The sponsorship does not place any pressure on players, parents or officials to purchase particular products or services or to adopt particular beliefs, attitudes or course of action.

Sponsor Acknowledgement

The extent of acknowledgment provided to sponsors should be consistent with the level of sponsorship. This acknowledgment must be in a form which can be positively associated with public education without causing community concern.

Sponsor acknowledgement in the form of naming rights – events, equipment, materials or facilities can only be granted by the committee of the New Lambton Football Club.

While forms of acknowledgement may vary, some examples that could be considered include:

  • Placement of a plaque/sign with the name/and/or logo of the sponsor, in a format that has the prior approval of the sponsor, for the duration of a sponsored activity or for an agreed period of time
  • Attendance by the sponsor at functions such as concerts, dinners or presentation nights and the opportunity to make an appropriate address or present awards at such functions
  • Public display at functions of temporary signage acknowledging the sponsorship
  • Acknowledgment of the sponsorship in newsletters and speeches
  • A letter of appreciation to the sponsor
  • Appropriate editorial material, or a by-line or foreword from the sponsor in relevant publications.


A sponsor may ask for a logo to be placed on a website as a benefit of a sponsorship agreement. Where a clickable logo is used care needs to be taken that the underlying link clicks through to the sponsor organisation.

A sponsor may request, and use, the New Lambton FC logo to incorporate into their own corporate website or online offering for use as an acknowledgement of their involvement with the club.  This can only occur with the express approval of the committee following due diligence checks.


Any provision for exterior or interior sponsor signage, as part of a sponsorship agreement, must conform to acceptable standards and be formally endorsed by the committee of New Lambton FC, prior to inclusion in any sponsorship agreement.

Where doubt exists as to the appropriateness of exterior sponsor signage, sponsorship negotiations should not proceed until advice has been received from the Board.

Sponsor Logo Usage

Company promotional slogans may only be used in connection with a club activity when they are an integral part of the registered trademark of the sponsoring company.

The logo of the New Lambton FC should be prominently displayed in conjunction with any corporate logo used at an activity, on any printed material or other permitted items related to the sponsorship.

No corporate logo should be larger in area than the New Lambton FC logo.

Any and all planned usage of the New Lambton FC logo or its brand must have written approval from the Board prior to implementation.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed bi-monthly for the first year and then annually thereafter to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.