A brand must tell everyone who you are or who you want to be. It must be easily identifiable and must be sharp, modern and flexible in order to work in a variety of applications, including apparel, broadcast, web, print and promotional materials. Most importantly, it must be professional and recognisable.

Presenting a strong visual identity is a critical part of New Lambton FC’s efforts to promote the Club, display a high level of club unity.  The Club’s needs an identifiable “brand” that complements and enhances New Lambton FC’s successful reputation.

Our visual identity is an important communications tool and must be used with care and consideration. Like any successful organisation, we need to communicate our excellence with a unified identity, which strengthens our brand. This Policy creates a framework whereby all players, coaches, volunteers, parents and supporters can present New Lambton FC in a unified manner.

Protecting Our Visual Identity

Because visual identity plays an important role in shaping the image of New Lambton FC, all Club members should strive to protect that identity in their use of the Club logo on communications, apparel, gear, etc.


Though the official logo will be used most of the time, there are situations when a custom version of New Lambton FC’s logo is appropriate for a specific competition or application. Usage of custom logo treatments must be approved by the Chairman or Vice Chairman, who can help you select the custom logo that will work best for each specific application.

Furthermore, for protection of our junior players and to enable the Club to meet its Child Protection obligations, children’s names (or names in any age group) ARE NOT PERMITTED on playing shirts or Club provided garments.  While the Club does not support the inclusion of children’s names on parent purchased merchandise (including training shirts), this decision remains the responsibility of the parent involved.


To protect New Lambton FC’s brand, all items bearing the New Lambton FC name or logo must be officially approved.

New Lambton FC strongly encourages the ordering items (apparel, accessories, etc) be made through the Club Gear Steward or the Operations Manager. The Football Program President must approve all merchandise bearing the name and/or symbols of New Lambton FC prior to ordering and distribution.