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The New Lambton Golden Eagles Academy culminates, but in many ways continues for selected talented players in the Club’s NNSWF’s Premier Competition teams. The Club competes in the NNSW League One (NEWFM) and Women’s Premier League (WPL) Competitions.

These teams operate in highly competitive and regulated environments. Significant time and financial commitment is also associated with the Premier Competitions. Licenses are granted by the Federation for not only the Club’s ability to compete, but also to satisfy strict facility, development, coaching and administrative guidelines.

The Club’s Premier Football Program, is headed by our Football Department, consisting of:

New Lambton was a football powerhouse in the 1970’s, but has not competed in first division (Men) since 1981. However, it remains deep in the hearts of our long time members, to one day return the Club to the “glory days”.

The Club is committed to returning to the highest level of football (National Premier League), without losing touch with what has made us the great club we are today – connection with our community.

Our target is to reach this goal by the end of the 2020 season – ready for the 2021 license. There is so much to do before then to ready our young Golden Eagles

For more information please contact President, Clayton Harrison on 0419617822 or contact the Club using the Contacts tab in the tool bar.